Top-Clicked Phishing Test!

Top 10 general email subjects

  1. Password Check Required Immediately – 34%
  2. You Have A New Voicemail – 13%
  3. Your order is on the way – 11%
  4. Change of Password Required Immediately – 9%
  5. De-activation of [[email]] in Process – 8%
  6. UPS Label Delivery 1ZBE312TNY00015011 – 6%
  7. Revised Vacation & Sick Time Policy – 6%
  8. You’ve received a Document for Signature – 5%
  9. [ACTION REQUIRED] – Potential Acceptable Use Violation – 5%
  10. Spam Notification: 1 New Messages – 4%

If you have not received the above subject lines and there are many more it is up to you to stop and think “Why am I receiving this email”? In the work place and in our personal lives be diligent in protecting your network and data.

Tips and tricks – hover your mouse over the sender if it looks odd it is, so block that address. I have even received a so called email from UPS with a tracking number – copy the tracking # go to the legit UPS site and paste the number, that will tell you the story. Become the detective, get on the phone make a call if needed and scrutinize the email do not click on any link or attachments.

Key Takeaways – Hackers are playing into employees’ desires and our personal lives to remain security minded. There’s also an intrigue of mystery that often makes people curious enough to click (i.e., new voicemail, order on the way). Password management is a popular way to get people to click on a link.

Next time ~ COMMON “IN THE WILD” ATTACKS ~ Think Before You Click!

Tina Louise ~ ~ 888.871.6584

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