3 Types of Cyber Crimes

Cyber criminals can compromise your computer system in different ways. Many people are left feeling powerless after having their privacy infringed by cyber criminals through hacking, malicious malware, and identity theft. The effects of cybercrime can be quite upsetting and daunting for victims including organizations, corporations, national/federal governments and individuals. The best defense against acts of cyber criminality is through awareness and education of different types of cyber crimes and how they are carried out.

The 3 most common types of cyber-crime are;

  1. Cyber-bullying

This is one of the most common cyber crimes in the World. Cyber-bullying is responsible for causing catastrophic effects on victims including death. Many people including international celebrities, business moguls and politicians have fallen victim to cyber-bullying in one way or the other. Cyber-criminals don’t hesitate to engage in offensive behaviors such as stalking, hurling insults, posting hurtful posts/images/videos on victims’ timeline, or even sending abusive texts/emails/messages online. Stalkers can make an individual’s life miserable due to their tendency of intimidating, instilling fear, offending or harassing their victims. As a matter of fact, there have been cases whereby people commit suicide after being cyber-bullied on their social media accounts.

  1. Identity theft

Criminals are becoming smarter with the advancement of technology. They are using all manner of tricks including celebrity deaths scams, hacking, phishing and malware to engage in identity theft for financial benefits, vengeance against personal vendetta or even taint people’s reputations. Identity theft is a major global menace. Cyber criminals use their computers and skills to gain unauthorized access to your personal information including name, date of birth, photographs, address, bank accounts, pin numbers, or national social security details in order to execute their evil plans. Resultantly, they use your personal information to commit all sort of crimes including fraud, intimidation, wiping out your bank accounts, claim government benefits, acquire property or lodge fraudulent claims in your name. Identity theft can be quite distressing both emotionally and financially for victims.

  1. Online scams

The internet has become a hub for hackers, tricksters, and fraudsters. Cybercriminals are quick in taking advantage of different social media platforms to fleece their unsuspecting victims. They always come up with new online scams including dating scams, celebrity deaths scams, job opportunities scams, prize scams, money making scams and threats & extortion scams among many others. Regrettably, millions of curious people across the globe keep losing money to these dishonest online scams.

Other common types of cyber crimes include; Email spam, phishing, hacking, Denial of Service (DOS Attack), Computer Intrusion, Social Engineering, Masquerading,  Smurf Attack, Fraggle Attach and Email Bombing among others. In order to protect yourself against such cyber crimes, desist from responding to unexpected celebrity deaths scams hyperlinks or try to subscribe/unsubscribe from suspicious emails, text, or even calls.


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