October Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Today’s threats are more sophisticated then ever before.  All types of organizations and information are being targeted.  Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in software and use malware to further their attack objectives.

Cybercrime is big business, by many estimates, cybercrime is now a US$1 trillion dollar industry. Every organization with digital asset is vulnerable to attack, and the growing sophistication of cybercriminals and their evolving tactics only increases the change of a security breach involving the theft of sensitive data.

This entire month I will be posting current threats that could possibly impact your business, family and lively hood.  And here is your first head’s up:

A new Ransomware that pretends to be from a fake organization called the Central Security Treatment Organization has been discovered.

When the Central Security Treatment Organization, or Cry, Ransomware infects a computer it will encrypt a victim’s files and then append the .cry extension to encrypted files. It will then demand approximately 1.1 bitcoins, or $625 USD, in order to get the decryption key.

Think Before You Click!

If your considering Security Awareness Training contact me via email @ support@cloudplusservices.com 


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